Orchid in Semi Hydroponic

Testing Semi-Hydroponic Culture

The cultivation in Semi Hydroponic is well spread in the world of orchids, I am a little late because I love pine bark and sphagnum moss.

What I have learned, studying, asking, especially in www.orchidboard.com, where I even opened a conversation about it, is the following:

1) It does not work for everything, nor for everyone. Drier climates or growing sites seem to have problems.

2) Orchids with stronger roots seem to do better in SH: Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, among the popular ones.

3) The water must be very soft. Rainwater or Osmosis, so that the expanding clay of the top does not develop salt.

4) It is better if the expanded clay has a little weight, that is, it weighs more. In my area, there are 2 types: gray and terracotta. (Here it is not called Lecca, but it is what it is called in English)

5) Finally, in order not to extend further, it is necessary to bathe them, run water, every 2 or 3 weeks so that the minerals do not accumulate, and also clean the water in the tank.

I am not going to tell you how the Semi Hydro is transplanted or applied because there are millions of videos. Moreover, I leave some very clear and good tutorials here:

Also, the discussion in the forum is for those who want to see more details.

The test star with 6 Phals

Sept. 2021

Roots are growing

Sept. 2021

Roots are mustly, always wet ...yes!

Kasi asking "what are these little balls, can I play?"

Sept. 2021

First attempt at Semi-Hydro

Result: Total failure

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